Light System Manager

Light System Manager

Light System Manager

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Light System Manager is een geïntegreerde software/hardware-oplossing voor grootschalige en complex ontworpen installaties. Light System Manager vereenvoudigt het beheer, schrijven en regelen van showeffecten die meerdere DMX-installaties omvatten en die betrekking kunnen hebben op tienduizenden afzonderlijk geregelde, op LED's gebaseerde lichtpunten.


Built-in astronomical time clock
Powerful web interface for remote control and programming
Multi-zone control for up to 15,000 nodes


Integrated astronomical time clock
Web interface access − Set event triggering, create show schedules, and easily select point-and-click static color scenes using an online web interface. The web interface supports multiple online users with activity logging for each user account.
Multi-zone Ethernet control system for medium and large-scale environments − Light System Engine hardware processes simultaneous light output data for up to 15,000 individually controllable LED nodes, depending on the configuration.
ActiveSite integration − ActiveSite is the first ever cloud-hosted connected lighting system for architectural LED lighting installations. ActiveSite allows you to remotely monitor, manage, and maintain an installation site from anywhere.
Dual configurable network ports − The LSM contains two network ports that support integration into existing network environments, while maintaining connectivity to a separate dedicated lighting network.


Architectuur, amusement en omgevingen met winkelverlichting
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