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    Hue Go

    Portable LED lights that will enhance your daily life

    The immersive light experience of Hue, combined with portability and smart control – that’s Hue Go. Set the lighting ambience in and around your home, connect light to your daily life and move it around any way you want. Use Hue Go as a table, wall or mood light and control everything remotely with your mobile device or press the button on the Hue Go lamp.
    Portable Led Lights

    Portable wall, table or indirect LED light

    Hue Go is a beautifully designed portable LED luminaire you can carry around the house. Enjoy 16 million colors, anywhere you want. Aim the device to a wall, put it on your table or carry it with you. Hue Go is powered by a rechargeable internal battery, which guarantees cordless use for hours.


    Simple controls, great functionality

    Control Hue Go with your smart device or simply push the button on the device to enjoy warm white light, energizing daylight, and 5 natural dynamic light effects: Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enhanced Forest and Night Adventure. Enjoy natural white light or select one of 16 million colors that best fits your mood.

    Light notifications and portable LED lights: a world of possibilities

    Just like Hue, Hue Go can be used to enhance your daily life. Equipped with IFTT technology (if this, then that) the possibilities are literally endless. Receive a light notification when you get an important email. Want to be reminded of something? Hue Go will gently flicker when the time is near. Enjoy light effects synced to your favorite music, extend your AmbiLight experience to the whole room, or see your room react to the weather forecast.


    Hue Go offers the ultimate wake-up experience. Auto transition from almost no light to increased brightness over time and wake up gently and naturally thanks to the wake up function of the app. And because glare is reduced to a minimum, your eyes can adjust to the light evenly.

    Welcome to the family

    And of course, Hue Go is fully compatible with all products in the Hue family catalogue. That means seamless integration with LightStrips, Hue Living Colors Bloom and Iris, Hue Lux, Hue Beyond and Hue Tap. Hue Go will make you feel on familiar grounds, while adding a completely new experience.

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