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Led Garden Lights

LED garden lights transform your garden into a winter wonderland

The winter is generally not the time to spend much time in the garden. However, with the right set of garden LED lights, you can turn your chilly winter landscape into a magical fairytale setting. That winter barbecue your friends are always going on about doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now, does it?


Admittedly, summer is the most beloved season to enjoy the garden. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t spend some quality time on your lawn during the colder months of the year. In fact, Christmas time becomes all the merrier when you can raise a glass of mulled wine in your own outdoor fairytale setting.

LED Garden Lights

LED garden lights create a fairytale effect

Depending on the width of your garden, you will need extra garden lights. Make sure to pick LED’s as these last longer and are more energy-efficient than your regular incandescent bulb. Our solar powered garden lights capture the power of the sun during the day so you can enjoy beautiful atmospheric lighting long into the night! No more hassle with wires, simply plug in your luminaire and you are ready to use the power of the sun!


Which LED garden lights will you choose?

We literally have dozens of LED garden lights for you to choose from: floodlighting, direct view lighting, wall lights, pedestals, posts, pendants for terraces, spikes, recessed spots, sensor lights, … You’ll quickly get that Disney fairytale vibe going. Make sure, though, not to overdo it, as your winter wonderland will quickly turn into a multicolored nightmare.

Indirect lighting for ambience

Indirect lighting is great for creating ambiance, while direct lighting is more functional. Hide luminaires behind a shrubbery, a hedgerow or point your luminaires to your terrace wall to make the most of your situation. Always avoid shining bright lights directly in the line of sight of your visitors so as not to blind them.


And remember: enjoy your winter wonderland!

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