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    Outdoor lighting

    Outdoor lighting: a matter of comfort and security

    Outdoor lighting offers comfort and ambiance in the garden and also provides security. A well-lit place will generally dissuade burglars and other unwanted visitors from entering your property. And thanks to motion sensor technology, outdoor lighting is as energy efficient as it is effective.

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    Feeling safe at home

    Feeling safe at home thanks to outdoor lighting

    It’s important that we feel safe at home, also during the night. Outdoor lighting diminishes the chance of house burglaries, while providing a good night’s sleep to its inhabitants. That’s why house owners who have properly installed outdoor lighting generally feel much safer.
    Infrared motion sensors

    Light and infrared motion sensors

    For efficiency’s sake, outdoor lighting systems often come equipped with a light and infrared motion sensor. The light sensor can distinguish between night and day, while the motion sensor can detect movement. This makes for a very energy efficient lighting set that only works when someone is in the vicinity of the sensor.
    Outdoor lighting

    What about outdoor lighting and energy costs?

    Energy costs are thus kept to a minimum and your neighbors won’t complain about the garden lights keeping them awake at night. Even better, if you opt for solar powered LED outdoor lights, you won’t even have to pay anything to light your outside area! Every time you come home at night, you’ll feel welcome.
    Where to place outdoor lights

    Where to place your outdoor lights?

    In order for them to function properly, both from a security and comfort’s point of view, it’s important to position your outdoor lights correctly. Areas that definitely should be lit at night are:


    • entrance doors
    • the garage area
    • house corners


    Not only will these areas make life easier on you when you come home late and have to find your way to the front door, they will also effectively keep away any unwanted guests.

    Indirect light for added effect

    For added visual effect, you can choose to hide the fixtures in a shrubbery or behind plants. This way, you don’t have to stare straight at the light source when walking in your garden at night. Indirect light is far more effective to create a specific mood. Also, you might want to be careful placing light bulbs close to your neighbor’s property, as these may keep him or her from sleeping.

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