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    ColorBlast Powercore BCP472

    ColorBlast Powercore – vibrant, controllable color for interior and exterior architectural lighting

    ColorBlast Powercore BCP472

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        ColorBlast Powercore high-performance LED fixtures combine rich, saturated, wall-washing color and color-changing effects with simplified installation. ColorBlast Powercore offers a single solution for both indoor and outdoor applications, while a range of beam angles make the fixture ideal for washing, grazing, floodlighting, and spot lighting. The low-profile mounting canopy, rotating mounting bracket, and locking fixture rotation offer exceptional versatility.Integrated Powercore technology ensures rapid, efficient and accurate control of power output to the fixture directly from line voltage, eliminating the need for external power supplies. Use of standard wiring dramatically simplifies installation and helps lower total system cost.


        Superior output of vibrant colored light
        Versatile positioning
        Compatible with industry-leading controls


        Saturated, full-color light output of up to 1418 lumens, with light projection of up to 60 meters
        10° clear lens for extended light projection; 23° and 36° frosted glass lenses for a soft-edge beam; 86° no lens for extra wide beam, ideal for wall washing
        Locking canopy base offers friction-free rotation of up to 350°, and 110° fixture tilting allows fast aiming without special tools Integrated Powercore technology
        Works with complete Philips line of controllers, as well as third-party DMX controllers


        Indoor and outdoor architectural lighting
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